Ah, but, if you just move this over there, unplug that and move it there, connect up that to this, and then put that in the corner, your desk would make you so much more efficient, you’d save 0.3 seconds a day. 

Count the number of 0.3 seconds saved that you require to make up for the fact that as a consequence of foolishly letting someone supposedly brighter than you (actually, they must be if you do as they say for no apparent reason) tell you how to arrange your IT, you spend half the next day trying to make things work as they used to. You know, when you just sat down and switched things on. 

We are told again and again that our IT is getting more and more reliable. In order to reserve the IT support jobs therefore, as much mayhem as possible needs to be caused (see also later blog on upgrades) and what better way than to persuade the gullible to mess around with something that’s working just fine, thank you very much. 

Most work and residential buildings in the UK were designed and built before the arrival of cabling, flexes and wires everywhere. This focus on human beings is most annoying to IT experts and cannot be tolerated, hence the aforementioned cabling tends to stick out in the most inconvenient places. Ideally, as new products are installed, the additional cables and wires become so confused that a socket used to boil a kettle doubles up as the power source for the computers 3 floors away. Hours of IT support guaranteed.   

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