Bad weather

The modern world of cutting edge technology that has required billions of pounds of investment has freed the economy of its vulnerability to the weather. Never again will our lives and livelihoods be at the mercy of the seasons. 

Except it hasn’t, has it? 

Think about it; the servers sat in the desert in the US that mysteriously manage to run our businesses and lives seem to work fine…until there’s heavy rain around. Then your satellite television connection stops working, ultra HD or not. The “system” goes down at work (equally mysteriously, the people who claim to find the least use for technology at work seem to be the first and worst affected) and we all venture out of our office and have to start speaking to colleagues.     

Strong wind where you live? Forget Wi-Fi connection then. 

Why does this happen? 

Well, according to the very well paid experts in the IT industry, it doesn’t. There’s no explanation for it, so it can’t be happening. Of course we will be told to turn things off and then back on again, as thousand of pounds worth of IT support has led us to expect. And eventually, things will start to work again; just like in medieval times the plough eventually mastered the muddy field once more. 

So that’s alright then. 

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