Every upgrade makes things worse

Of course it does. That’s what they are for.

You’re quite happy with your product or service, hence you won’t buy a new one. So, there’s every incentive to give you exciting new features such as coverage of domestic second division marbles tournaments on sports tv packages or the ability to project 3D image of fruit and veg onto a wall from your phone. No-one asked for these. No-one can use them. No-one wants them. 

But they’re free! Until a month later when your contract goes up. 

Upgrades of IT systems in the work place provide the opportunity for hours of fun for the IT support companies who you’ve otherwise forgotten about as everything was working. All of a sudden they are the centre of attention again as you desperately hope against hope that the “system” you adopted to have all the business’s records on as it’s so much more convenient than paper, will actually be working again sometime soon. As the “approximately one hour” shutdown (always scheduled for peak usage time) inevitably stretches towards the end of the day, managers can reflect on how this upgrade has already dramatically affected productivity. 

All you need to do next is pay the invoice at the end of the month. 

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