“We need new blood we need new ideas”.  

No! That is the last thing any employer really wants when you go there. 

Think about it for a moment. If you dare suggest any changes you are immediately criticising the people who pay your wages, who have been quite happy doing things the same way until you came along. 

At the same time, you are irritating your new colleagues by pointing out how their job can be done in half the time, or even questioning why they are there at all (other than to have a cup of tea and a chat). 

Employers will only make statements about wanting new ideas from fresh eyes so they can tick a few boxes on surveys. Half the staff on holiday at the same time? “We’ve always done it like that”. One person taking up an office two could fit into? “We’d have to move some furniture”. 

Most businesses are designed to suit the needs of those who have been there the longest; they are at the top of the hierarchy. If they are sometimes annoyed by customers requesting attention or silly ideas about doing the job you would in your ignorance as a new staff member imagine they should be doing, this will only be a temporary distraction. 

Worse, the long-time staff will also know exactly how to push the buttons of those nominally in charge.  

Arriving at a new place of work and making suggestions for improvement is as protracted and ultimately bloody and futile as the siege of Leningrad. Do not do it. 

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