A much-maligned body of the workforce; the face and introduction to any organisation. Yet, despite in some fields having specialist medical training to enable them to immediately diagnose any number of ailments just on sight, they are extremely poorly paid. 

The latter, startling deduction can be made by the fact that they appear to have no internal plumbing in their own homes. In turn, this forces them to go to the toilet about 15 minutes after arriving at work, again about 15 minutes before going home at lunch (see later blog on bad weather) and yet again around 15 minutes before going home, It is a scandal that, to date, no political party has taken up their plight.

Their poor pay is despite the fact that they most definitely belong to those staff around whom the workplace is built; indeed, in some cases it seems to have been designed especially to accommodate them. Their value to the business is immense; there is no way any organisation would be able to survive without the constant flow of deeply relevant information about customers, customers’ relatives and their pets. It is in recognition of the value of this information that motivates receptionists’ colleagues to answer the phone and deal with customers face to face while the receptionists are busy with more important things.

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