A startling revelation, but it is true. Einstein’s laws of relativity do not apply to these people. You will notice them coming into work after you, yet they arrive in the signing in book before you. That is just the start of their powers.

They are capable of entering the work place, walking to their designated area, chatting to friends and colleagues as they go about the latest important developments in the soaps, taking their coat off and hanging it up, making a drink, and getting their work station ready, all in less than a second. They are at their desks at the time they have signed in. 

Occasionally the field force from their super powers causes an electrical pulse which upsets the clock on their computer and make it appear they have taken 10 minutes to get from the front door. This will normally have reversed itself by the end of the day. 

Their powers are such that they are highly valued by their bosses. Questions of productivity are never raised about them, they are never asked to “just do me a favour…” They do not fear redundancy or relocation as their powers make them indispensable. 

In grateful thanks to their less able colleagues, they repay the organisation they work for by repeating the trick, but in reverse, at the end of the day. 

One quirk of these people is that they appear to need longer lunch breaks than others, possibly to recharge their understandably depleted energy. 

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